Waterside Church and Waterside Global Missions are excited to now be partnering and working with the Association des Jeunes Independants.

AJI Leadership

AJI is committed to working with teens and young adults helping them to become independent.  They seek to accomplish this by….

…helping them break down complex challenges

…teaching them to be responsible teens and/or young adults

…helping them to earn an income

…and how to manage money


Reflecting on the Three Days of Prayer with the fcous on Confession, Petition, and Vision, we know that we can only truly experience grace when we look at things from God’s side of the equation.

The Power That Prayer Might Have

James tells us that when troubles come our way, we should consider it an opportunity for great joy! What better thoughts to consider this busy last week in Advent!

Appreciate The Joy

Advent is a time for preparation for Jesus and the time when He comes again. We may need to refocus our attention on how we live life, so we are certain we can be prepared!

What To Do While We Wait