In Helping Others You Help Yourself

As this blog hits the Internet we are on our way to the Dominican Republic to explore some opportunities and missional possibilities as well as to meet with our Waterside church plants that we have started.  We are blessed to have such a good team of people on the ground whose hearts are for the Lord and who in the midst of great difficulty still carry out the work of sharing the love of Christ with all those they meet.  Their spirit of discipleship is rather powerful and it inspires me at least to appreciate all that I have at my fingertips and take for granted.

Mission trips are always filled with an awesome expectation that in some way, God will show up and make a difference.  Apart from establishing that divine moments that each trip participant always remembers, it is just an awesome expectation to be able to live in as you make the plans.

There is a process that I want to draw attention to in this regard.  Most people would never consider going to a foreign country to witness their faith to another person.  The clash of uncomfortable surroundings as well as a foreign culture keeps people from wanting to take that “leap of faith” as they carry out their missional calling.

Yet one of the things that I have learned is the only way we are changed, ultimately, is by going and reaching out to others.  It is never about what I might bring or take to them that matters, it always seems to be what they bring to me that is the difference and transforms me.  Their perspectives, their work, their faith always places my own in a brand new context.  And that, as they say, is transformational.

You can usually tell who has recently been on a mission trip, as they are the “one” who can’t stop talking about the experience.  They are the ones walking around “blown away” by the trip experiences.  They are the ones in some way, shape, or form, have seen God through the eyes of a friend in a foreign land.  Usually, it is a process that completely grabs their heart, and they are changed.

A lot changes when you come back from a trip.  You see how others live.  You see what challenges others might have.  You begin to reflect on what you have back home that you want to now use for the Lord’s work in ways you never have in the past.  You are transformed.

The sheer transformational value in helping others radically changes some people.  They can never go back to things the “way they were.”  I’m not trying to twist any arms here, but I do want to lift up the awesome change that I felt in my life, and invite you to consider the same.  If you are at a point in your life that you want to get out of “the box” you find yourself in, please take a moment and see what Waterside Global Missions might do for you in discovering how by helping others, you help yourself.  Take a look at the website anytime

In the meantime, I invite your prayers as we journey to the Dominican Republic.  May God use this time for His purposes, and may we all be transformed by His redemptive work in our lives today.

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