Kingdom Impact

Jesus invites us in Scripture to share in the “Kingdom presence” with those we meet or encounter.  Things are meant to be different as a result of the King of Kings and His work on the cross.  Jesus spent many words chronicled in the Gospels about the Kingdom of God happening right here, right now in His presence.I would take that invitation seriously for the church of today to make Kingdom transformation its chief goal as we relate one with another outside of the church.

We can’t expect people who have never heard of Jesus to know what He brings to our life and times today.  That task is left to you and I to discover new ways to make Kingdom impact in our circles!  We need to discover who we can help, touch with a helping hand, pray for in the midst of adversity, help lift them up when they have fallen, and perhaps even help them out of a nasty situation.

That gives us the unique chance to be transformational in our relations with others. We can live out in word and deed what it means to have been transformed in our lives first, so that we are free to show others what the King has done for us.  Once we claim that for ourselves, it becomes a lot easier to share that transformation with others.

As we journeyed across the Dominican Republic last week, we saw and entered in relationships that lifted our hearts and also made for Kingdom transformation right there and then.  We who share the promise of God can meet complete strangers and rejoice at the news of how they are shaping the lives of widows, orphans, and those rejected by the world.  We are able to step in and begin to seize the opportunities that God gives to us to partner with these believers to make His Kingdom come in our moments! What a blessing!

Of course, we do not have to travel to a foreign country to see Kingdom transformation.  Yet what is hard to see in our country becomes clear in another’s-  God is active and on the move to provide for His people and to meet them at their moments of greatest need.  What we do not always catch is that God often chooses you and I to accomplish that task for Him.  We chose to miss the point either by not paying attention or by simply not caring.  Somehow, we fool ourselves, if we don’t think about it, it isn’t real.

May I remind myself and all who care to listen that in our Lord’s prayer we pray the words- “Thy Kingdom Come.”  We can expect there is much spiritual warfare that is pitted against us to allow this to happen, but it really should not be coming from ourselves.  God calls us into Kingdom transformation by first calling us as His own, giving us the grace and forgiveness of sins on the Cross of Christ.  What we choose to do with that grace then falls into our lap.  I’m thinking the best thing to be doing is seeing how we can make that Kingdom happen here and now.  Not later, now!

So let’s wrestle with this thought-how will God use me today to make His Kingdom come?  That may be an uncomfortable thought, but I think it is at the core of what we do with the balance of our lives.  As Christ loved us, we love others, we do what is fair and just to our neighbor, we stay compassionate and loyal to our God, and we walk together humbly in His presence.

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