Changing the Future!

Waterside Global Missions is blessed to be a part of the Little Sowers School project in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  This school reaches out  into a community of people who live near a location where one of the Tent Cities was located after the earthquake.  It has been producing great results given the at times meager resources it has to deal with.

Waterside helps provide resources as well as a daily meal for the children of the community.  A nutritious meal cooked by local cooks is provided to the 40 plus children each day.  Along with providing a meal to help keep hunger at bay, the school actively engages in teaching these young people of Haiti in an environment where they cannot otherwise receive any kind of education, since school is an out of the pocket expense for most Haitians and it is beyond what most can afford.

Changing the future of 40 to 60 children is our driving force for being involved.  While we might not be able to solve all of the problems that exist as a result of corruption and other difficulties contained within the Haitian infrastructure, we know for certain that our work, our resources, and our prayers are working in this instance to provide a future for these children.

You are invited to pray for the school, its leaders, teachers, parents, and of course, the children.  Our resources are limited and we also would invite you to partner with us with your gifts of support so that we can increase the size of the school, so that the entire community’s children could be able to attend school and the benefits of changing the future of this wonderful country.

You are invited as well to see for yourself what our mutual work with Little Sowers is all about by joining us yourselves and seeing it in person.  Waterside Global Missions hosts periodic mission trips which include two teaching sessions with the children and a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus in word, song, and deed.  The children are always eager to be hugged by a missionary!  Contact us here if you think this might be a good fit for your church, mission team, or you personally.

Ask those who have been there with us before-your life will never be the same!

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