About Us

Waterside was founded in June of 2013 and is a mission congregation with headquarters in Punta Gorda, Florida.  We are a mission congregation of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).

Waterside operates from missional centers across the United States and in the countries of Haiti ,Cuba and the Dominican Republic at the present time.

The Waterside Community was initially founded as good news for people who have been, unfortunately, disenfranchised from the “typical church” experience.  It has been our attempt to streamline away the chances (hate the word) that would undermine our work by misdirection typically found in American churches.  Instead, it is our hope to simply speak about the Kingdom of God in our time and place globally, and to react accordingly.  We do not seek any funding to perpetuate 100 year old buildings.  We do not maintain programs that cost money and that end up on a dusty church shelf, by and large unused as intended.

We do not seek any funding to perpetuate 100-year-old buildings.  We do not maintain programs that cost money and that end up on a dusty church shelf, by and large unused as intended. What we try to do is match available resources from those who have to those who have not in order to facilitate the growth of disciple-making ministry in various locations.

You might find yourself to be the typical “digital nomad” that we are speaking about.  You might be looking for positive faith direction without the hassles of interpersonal relationships with people who obviously don’t understand civility.  You might find yourself trying again and again, but simply cannot get yourself physically back into any church anywhere.  Nice to meet you!  You are just like us!

We can do nothing to support the mistaken notions that people have about church. We cannot mitigate the pain it has caused for others.  Yet Waterside does not exist for its own sake, but rather, for the sake of the world. We try to speak a pointed message, which directs us to the words of Jesus and those who wanted us to see His good work throughout the Bible.  We hope that if you are finding that somehow you have had to leave the “organized” church because you have personally been harmed by your attendance, by all means drop me a line and share your story with me.    Do that at watersideglobalmissions@gmail.com

Look around the pages of our website, and I think you’ll realize we are missional in our approach to daily life, and that we invite any and every one who chooses to journey with us the opportunity and the respect that sharing our faith together demands.


Pastor Jon and Cheryl Kosec lead the Waterside Missional Communities.  Jon and Cheryl have been a clergy family for more than 40 years.  They are passionate about being and making disciples of Christ that will in turn make more disciples of Christ!  Not only are they passionate about being fully devoted followers of Christ, but they are also big time passionate about their family!  They are the button popping parents/in-laws of 2 sons and daughter-in-laws and wear the bragging badge of Grandma and Grandpa Florida for their 2 adorable granddaughters and 2 granddogs!

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