At The Water’s Edge

Scripture tells us that Jesus did a great deal of teaching near the shoreline.  One of his better known teachings, the sermon on the Mount, occurred on the hillside overlooking the Galilee.  Jesus spent time revealing the Kingdom’s present manifestation as well as the future ramifications of God’s hand in history.  There is just something about the water’s edge that makes the mind begin to work.

Early followers of the way in Acts 2 lived out a life together following four basic concepts.

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper) and to prayer.  Acts 2:42 (NLT)

At the foundation of all that we do at Waterside is a profound and deep desire of following the teachings of Jesus, developing community and relationships and of course, the power of prayer.  There is nothing better that we can spend our time doing is trying to discern what is on God’s hearts and minds together through our prayers.

We seek His wisdom, strength, and direction.  We stand in awe of His mercies to us.

It also equips us with a strength to withstand the Evil One, not by our own power in any way, but by the intervention of the Holy Spirit and with the very armor of God promised to us in Scripture.  This is a self-defining process.  Not to engage in a life of prayerful living speaks volumes about where our priorities might lie.

At Waterside, we begin everything with prayer,  we live out a life which seeks God’s divine providence in all that we do.  We recognize we cannot do this alone.  We seek community and fellowship with each other both on-line and in person and we engage in teaching moments at the Water’s Edge where Jesus meets us to teach us His ways, and to hear our prayers and petitions.

Join us here at Waterside and the Water’s Edge as we follow Jesus!