The Problem is….



I know I haven’t posted for a bit.  There aralot of things this ex-full-time-in-the-parish pastor has on his mind lately, but chief among them are the thoughts that continue to rattle around in my head.  This has been coming for some time, so bear with me.
Ever since I was little, somewhere about age 7, did I realize that all of my Catholic friends had priests, nuns, saints, and their parents all in the way of what the Bible had to say about Jesus.  Being introduced at a young age to Lutheranism, which at the time was more of a “we’re not Catholic” as a doctrinal base, I could not help but see that in some way, my friends were being forced to buy into a system where others told them what to believe and what to think about faith.
It never seemed to occur to them…

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Cuba Adventure – Part 2

Gallivanting Gypsies

This past month we were blessed with making our second trip to Cuba!  To say it was just as incredible as the first is an understatement.  This time, though, we added a little bit more travel to our excursion.  We spent our first 3 days in Havana catching up and spending some long awaited time with our Cuban “family”.  We love being able to spend time in their home, chatting, laughing, eating, and just “being”. As usual, we spent some time in Vieja Habana and this time we actually did a fair amount of exploring on our own.  Our 3 days there ended quickly as we boarded the Viazul bus for Camiguey, one of our favorite spots.  We love Camiguey for it’s people, the beauty of the city and the immense history. How surprised we were when we got off the bus and there were about 12 of our Camiguey…

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Expectations, Images, One Word

Smiling faces, love beyond belief, surprises,  little touches, ruffled hair, games, bonding, relationships, tears, blessing, being blessed, fortunate, unfortunate, hope, trash, sadness, beauty, music, respect, worship, trust, Jesus, family, being ourselves, critters, laughter, crazy dress, soccer, Belmart, brainstorming, looking forward, planning, Haitian food cooked by the kids, American food cooked by the team!  This is what being a missionary in Haiti is all about!

Hearts and Hands!

The team has given their hearts and used their hands here in Haiti! Days have been spent at Little Sowers school in the heart of Port Au Prince, here at Hope Village Cleaning, organizing, enjoying quality time with 17 teenagers (as best as you can with teens) and at 70 Palms leveling ground for a BB court, painting decks and tiling floors. We’ve even had time for a most interesting tour of the Sugar Cane Historical Park, enjoyed some wonderful Haitian beverages and been treated to a Haitian feast cooked by our own Hope Village kids!  More to come!!!