Get Involved!


Waterside Global Missions (WGM) seeks to provide you with many different opportunities which are designed with your heartfelt passion for missional outreach. First we provide many projects you can participate from your home setting which enables you to support vibrant mission projects that are making an impact across the globe.  If you choose to ramp up your participation, there are Short Term and Long Term Mission Trips available which enable you to personally carry out the Great Commission by sharing the love of Jesus in a number of settings.  We’d welcome you to join us as a partner, as you are able, in the Kingdom work.


Haiti Mission Trips

Planned as the need arises to help reach out and support a group of projects that directly affect the people and culture of Haiti.  We let those people we work with set our agendas and then we seek ways to work with them to develop ongoing resources for their work to continue in the midst of scarcity.  As an example, we help support a school that hosts about 60 children from what used to be a tent-city as they learn the “basics” which they would otherwise not be able to afford since schooling for the most part is privately paid.  We take time as a group to learn about the heritage and culture of the people of Haiti as well as the challenges of the slave trade over the centuries and develop greater sensitivity to what has been around for such a long time.  We engage in a variety of projects to help build, rebuild or strengthen the infrastructure of the communities in which we work without becoming just another hand-out organization.

Dominican Republic Mission Trips

Planned as the need arises to reach out and support a host of projects that other agencies take the lead in as well as integrating the trip participant with the opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage in the Dominican Republic as well as the story between the two halves of the whole island of Hispaniola.  Cultural study as well as field work in the batters which dot the sugar plantations is available as each trip seeks to serve a specific focus and allows a variety of experiences to be included within the normal one week time setting.

Haiti Orphan Priority Exchange (H.O.P.E)

WGM leads a growing group of people who seek to help exchange priorities of dependence found within most orphanages and more specifically to work with orphans who are “aging out” of the systems in place so they can begin to exchange a dependency model (someone else doing their thinking for them) into an independence model (where they make decisions for themselves).  Working with their talents, strengths, and abilities, we hope to help them make the transition from orphanage care to living lives as productive adults within the Haitian culture at least a little less daunting.

Bread for Hope in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

A program to assist those willing to work on developing trades or crafts that will enable them to methodically raise their standard of living working at where their talents would lead them.  This is both micro-finance as well as on the job training to provide mentors and resources to participants so that they can grow into a new model and way of life should they choose.