Association des Jeunes Independants-AJI

Waterside Church and Waterside Global Missions are excited to now be partnering and working with the Association des Jeunes Independants.

We personally know the people involved and the good work that they are doing. We are inviting you all to participate with us with gifts of financial support, the easiest thing to get into their hands.  This will help them to continue their good work and grow with your partnership as well.  Follow the link here to earmark your gift to AJI through Waterside in the United States.

AJI Leadership

AJI is committed to working with teens and young adults helping them to become independent.  They seek to accomplish this by….

…helping them break down complex challenges

…teaching them to be responsible teens and/or young adults

…helping them to earn an income

…and how to manage money

From the AJI Founder

I’ve been to Gonaives, a town in Haiti, where there’s so many teens, 15- 20 years old, already moms or dads. Most of those teenagers are kids I’ve grown up with. But, they have nothing as a profession to support their family. They only put their hope on their parents to help feed their kids. But God has made me with a different direction so I could come up with the Idea of the AJI, to help with changes. When I went back to Gonaives, and saw all of this, I quickly realized that God allowed me to see with my own eyes, so I could know the importance of what we do with the AJI. I believe that God has a purpose for that.
One of the things we the AJI hope for the future when God allows us to go forward, is to build houses for Homeless people as we can afford.  With hope that will be an opportunity for the teens we work with to have a job. So now you have read this, I would please ask if you will prayed for AJI. If God allows the thought, he will also provide. Remember us in your prayers.  Happy New Year 2018.