Friends of Little Sowers

First of all we give God the thanks and the glory for our continued ability to partner with this incredible Christian school in the heart of the then cities in Haiti.  Many of you have participated in our work together on location and we wanted to update you with good news that the school is growing.  We are working with Jonas to develop a larger “footprint” for the school to make it bigger.  You know how small it was for 40 children,  imagine what it must be like for 60+ children who all want to be included in this life-changing work.

There are lots of ways you can still help should you choose.  Perhaps first is that you keep this work in your prayers, asking God to intervene to change the hearts of the children to become devoted followers of Jesus and that the school is successful in its mission.  Secondly, you can continue to support the commitment of waterside to come alongside Jonas and his vision for the school and provide resource to get the expansion work completed.  Thirdly, you are welcomed to consider joining us on a trip later in the year to actually help accomplish some of the work that needs to be completed onsite.

Additional Ways to Help

  • As many of you are aware, we continue to support the school with a feeding program each month which brings food into the school and provides on of the only meals for the children each day at the cost of $400.00 a month.
  • We also provide supplies for the school on an ongoing basis.
  • We would like to help them add teacher with a sponsorship of $150.00/month.
  • We want to be providing uniforms for the children, a work project to employ local tailors and seamstresses so that they can se the uniforms for the children at a cost of $850.00.

 Imagine what it must be like for 60+ children who all want to be included in this life-changing work.

If you have any desire to materially help with a contribution to any or all of these causes, let us know by contacting me at

We invite your prayers.  We invite your support.  We invite your involvement.  God is doing wonderful things in Haiti!  Let us be the midwives to the birthing of this new phase of our join ministry in Haiti at Little Sowers School.

Join us!