Iglesia Cristiana de Cuba “Jesucristo es Rey”


Waterside has partnered with Iglesia Cristiana de Cuba in their work of planting churches across the nation of Cuba. Extensive travel throughout the country meeting the Pastors and people of these house churches has been the focus of WGM.  In addition to our travel, our work continues there as we attempt to also provide resources and supplies to help them accomplish their goals.

We invite you to participate as well through donations and/or sponsorships as we attempt to get resources to them as quickly as possible and to take with us when we travel.  Due to the differences in currency a small amount of US dollars goes a long way and helps provide for an abundance of ministry opportunities for them.  The typical Cuban salary is approximately $20-30.00 USD/month.  Any gift makes a tremendous impact.

Contact us if you are interested in more information about our work in Cuba or click here if you would like to donate!