Our Mission


Unfortunately many people are turned off to participating in mission projects or humanitarian aid projects because of a skepticism that pervades non-profit work these days.  A great deal of people wish they could do something concrete that would change lives but just don’t know where to look to find a plan that is effective, meaningful, and relationship-building in all they do.  They seek relevant projects that make a difference with their time, their resource, and their hearts.

WGM connect you with experiences in new cultures that will help regain your heart for helping others while you learn about their culture and understand the challenges they face.  You will learn the names and faces of people who will more often than not become life-long friends and partners in the work we share.  You will begin to see things from their perspective, all the while sharing your heart as you work with them on hands on projects that meet the local cultural need.

If you want to do something that will completely change your life, WGM has some ideas that might be what you have been searching for.  It is our hope to turn your dream into a reality that will change your life forever.


Little Sowers Tent City School

Raising funds so this one room school house in the midst of one of Port-Au-Princes Tent cities could offer one meal a day for about 40 children.

LCMC United States Churches

Providing a mission base for missional education as well as a variety of short and long term mission trips bases upon organizational need.

MIVO Foundation

100% dedicated to providing support to the people of Haiti.  The MIVO Foundation built an Orthopedic Clinic in L’Estere to care for the countless number of people in need of orthopedic treatment.

We have a simple mission; to touch the lives of others and to be touched ourselves as well through the love of Jesus Christ.