Our Mission


Unfortunately many people are turned off to participating in mission projects or humanitarian aid projects because of a skepticism that pervades non-profit work these days.  A great deal of people wish they could do something concrete that would change lives but just don’t know where to look to find a plan that is effective, meaningful, and relationship-building in all they do.  They seek relevant projects that make a difference with their time, their resource, and their hearts.

Waterside Global Missions (WGM) is the “mission arm” of Waterside Missional Community.  It does not seek to build its own entity in a mission field, but rather engages in the support of locally developed and locally run mission work by coming along side of and helping find resources to accomplish each local mission. Our joint work attempts to first see things from their perspective, all the while sharing our hearts and resources with them as we join with hands on projects that meet the local cultural need.

WGM centers its work around a number of Caribbean countries.  In years  past, we have worked extensively in the country of Haiti and continue to find new ways to help our mission partners impact their communities.    We are actively working across the nation of Cuba in 11 different locations with the Iglesia Cristiana de Cuba “Jesucristo es Rey.”

WGM continues discussions to find ways to assist missions in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama and Jamaica.  We consider this the groundwork to partnering with existing agencies and then act as a resource network which encourages people to help share the joys of being disciples in different countries one with another.

We invite you to look at where we have been working in the past, what our present work looks like, and how you can be part of developing your own future as you partner with Waterside Global Missions with resources to reach out and help those who are working as God’s own laborers in another part of this global vineyard.

We have a simple mission; to touch the lives of others and to be touched ourselves as well through the love of Jesus Christ.