Little Sowers School

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the efficacy of the work some relief organizations have bee doing with the millions of dollars that have been donated into the nation of Haiti.  While we cannot speak to the outcome of all that discussion, WGM is motivated by our faith to respond in some way to assist the people of God there with some concrete tools to allow them to grow in Christ with the rest of us in the more affluent side of the world.

The work we hope to accomplish in our partnership with the Little Sowers school in the Truitier community of Port Au Prince is to come under their leadership team and find ways to provide funding for the school first to expand and then to grow into a vital force of Christian education for the children of the community. In order to accomplish that we are working on a variety of methods and projects to accomplish that schools development.

Little Sowers started as a tent city school hut in one of the post-earthquake tent cities.  Since that time, it has been moved when that tent city was closed.  It now rests a couple of hundred yards from its first location, but now has a concrete floor and has room for about 40-50 students.  They learn all the traditional subjects, as well as spending a good amount of time singing about Jesus and learning English as well.

Waterside works with Little Sowers to raise money so that once a day a meal can be prepared for the children.  It appears it may be the one good meal they have at times and so we are engaged in a process of making sure that there is adequate funding available to provide that daily lunch for the children.  You are welcome to participate with that as well by clicking on the donate button above.

Waterside also is sharing their dream to build a larger school within the same community, using local labor and their own skills to build a building large enough to serve a variety of purposes for the school and extended community.  This is their project, their dream, their community’s best hope  and we simply are trying to help them birth a bigger model of what is proving to be one of the best schools in the tent cities.  The results are amazing.

If you are looking to support a foreign mission venue, this could be an answer to your search.  There is no infrastructure to support, since all of your gifts go directly to the school through Waterside Global Missions.  If you need more information, please send an email to and Pastor Jon will be happy to address your questions.

If you want to take that one step further, and personally visit Little Sowers, WGM takes groups of individuals on 4 and 7 day mission trips which include time at the school and a chance to interact with some of the most adorable children you can find.  If you would be interested in taking such a mission trip with your team, or joining a mixed member group from a variety of locations, please email

Thank you for your prayers for WGM and our work in Haiti in general as well as specifically with our work with Little Sowers school.  You can have conversations with those who have already been there if you choose, and you will find out how your life will never be the same as a result of your trip.  We are eager to hear from you!